About Early Bird Electric

About Us

EarlyBird Electric is owned by Mark Cemensky, a Master Electrician who, since 1990, has served more than 10,000 homeowners.

Growing up, Mark and his brothers, worked on their father’s dairy farm in New Prague, where Mark learned the value of hard work and how to fix most anything. “We were always up early, every day of the week. We enjoyed working and watching the sun rise. We didn’t get to eat until after chores were done, so that was motivation! My first experience with electricity, actually, was touching an electric fence, which was painful, but at the same time amazing. I thought, what’s in that little wire? So it was a good lesson about safety and the beginning of an education that continues through today.”

After High School, Mark married his sweetheart, Carol, and went to Electrical Trade School at Dunwoody to become an Electrician. Mark worked at the St. Paul Ford Plant for a number of years, and eventually started a residential-based electrical contracting business, as he enjoyed troubleshooting electrical problems and helping homeowners. Today, that business has transpired into EarlyBird Electrician, which encapsulates the vision of Mark’s work ethic and dedication to customer service, the electrical trade, and making homes safe. EarlyBird specializes in 24/7 Residential Electrical Services, from troubleshooting flickering lights, to installing LED Lighting or new circuits, to upgrading panels and electrical service. No problem or job is considered too big or too small.

Our 4 Guarantees

  • EarlyBird Guarantees Same-Day Service
  • EarlyBird Guarantees No-Surprise Pricing
  • EarlyBird Guarantees Quality work
  • EarlyBird Guarantees that our Electricians are licensed and have passed a background check

Honor Code

We will treat you and your home with the utmost honor, just as we would like to be treated; we are thankful for the opportunity to serve you and respectful of your time.

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