Legendary Care Club

One membership plan offering our customers the complete Legendary Service experience!

  • What is it? A monthly maintenance plan for all your home’s critical systems (heating, cooling, plumbing & electrical)
  • Who’s It For? New and existing Legendary Home Services customers, which means it’s available to anyone that wants to make the wise investment for their home’s systems
  • What’s the cost and why should I invest in it? Only $20/month on a 1-year minimum agreement providing valuable benefits and savings, including piece of mind, paying for itself and much more within your first year
  • How do I sign up? Get signed up today by clicking here and filling out our form, or by calling our office at 507-218-8471

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Included Services

  • Regularly scheduled annual visits from our certified service technicians (a $356 value)
  • Discounted dispatch fee of $49 for trouble-shooting any issues that come up (standard fee is $89)
  • 15% Off any HVAC & Plumbing repairs, and 10% Off any Electrical & Drain repairs
  • 5% Loyalty Discount on HVAC equipment installations, Plumbing installations, and Electrical Installations (panels and home rewiring), up to $500
  • Fast, VIP priority service, placing you at the top of the scheduling line when you call to set an appointment
  • Schedule reminders that allow your systems’ maintenance to be put on “auto-pilot” with our Legendary Care team coordinating everything and letting you know via email when service is due on each of your systems

Other benefits

  • Clean, safe, and efficient operating systems
  • Reduced risk of emergencies that can cause major damage, costly repairs, and inconvenience
  • Peace of mind knowing your loved ones are safer in a home with properly maintained systems that are less likely to fail or become a hazard
  • Increased product lifespan of critical home systems that are properly maintained, serviced, and in compliance with any local, state, or federal regulations
You can sign up by doing either of the following:
  • Fill out the form found on this web page and someone from our office will get back to you within 24 hours to complete your membership application and set up payment terms
  • Call our office at 507-218-8471 and just let the customer service representative know you would like to sign-up for the Legendary Care Club monthly maintenance program. They will complete your membership application and set up payment terms with you on the spot!

The Legendary Care Club is serviced by the Legendary Home Services Family.  This means you will have each of your home’s systems serviced by some of the industry’s top certified technicians qualified on each of the unique systems within your home.

  • Heating and Air Conditioning Systems will be serviced by Blue Ox certified HVAC technicians who will service your heating system once per year, as well as your air conditioning system once per year
  • Plumbing, Water, and Gas Systems will be serviced by Paul Bunyan certified Plumbing technicians once per year
  • Electrical Systems will be serviced by Early Bird (formerly, Lumberjack) certified Electrical technicians once per year

For a complete checklist of maintenance visit services provided, please click here