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EarlyBird Electric has always been focused on ensuring your family is comfortable and safe by keeping your home’s electric systems in good working order.

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Electric Installation Overview

Smart Home Services

Every year brings exciting and innovative technology for taking more control over your home’s electricity and electrical devices. From lighting that can follow you as you move through your home at night, to making sure your home always seems occupied, the EarlyBird Electric team can help you identify and then install smart home systems that simplify your life and improve your comfort and peace of mind.

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Electric Switches & Outlets

Does your home have enough outlets for today’s needs? Probably not. And it’s likely you have some light switches that are just in inconvenient places.  EarlyBird Electric’s certified electricians can add more outlets and relocate switches to improve your satisfaction with your home and offer more flexibility.

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Home Backup Generators

Even a short power outage can be frustrating. A longer one can interrupt your work or cause the food in your freezer to spoil. Protect your home and your well-being with a home power generator that steps up instantly when the power company leaves you in the dark. If you’re thinking of a backup generator, don’t try to do it yourself. Count on the safety of EarlyBird Electric’s certified electricians.

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Full Home Surge Protection

A power surge at the wrong time can damage thousands of dollars of your favorite toys and computer equipment. EarlyBird Electric can install reliable whole home surge protection. One device can keep power surges caused by lightning strikes and accidents, keeping all the devices, computers, electronics, and electric appliances in your home or business from being damaged.

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Kitchen Appliances & Renovation

Started budgeting for a kitchen update or simply want to replace older kitchen appliances with more efficient ENERGY STAR models?  EarlyBird Electric is here to help. Whether your plans require some simple rewiring and new outlets, or you’re giving your kitchen a fresh, contemporary floorplan, our certified electricians will make sure your electrical system can accommodate them.

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GFCIs & Ground Fault Circuit InterRupters

If there’s a short circuit with an electric device one of your family members is using, they can be shocked, burned, or even worse. That’s why safety codes now require ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) in homes and other buildings. When GFCI’s detect what’s known as a ground fault — a potentially deadly kind of short circuit — they stop the flow of electricity before anyone can be injured or electrocuted.

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Electrical Panel Installation & Repair

If you live in an older home and your use of electric appliances puts a big strain on your home’s electric service, it may be time to upgrade to a new electrical panel with a higher level of service. If your home has only 60-amp or 10-amp service, you’ll be amazed by what stepping up to 200 amps will let you do. One of our certified electricians can examine your system and make.

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Circuit Breaker Installation & Repair

Do you live in an older home? Is your home’s electric service under strain? A new electrical panel with advanced circuit breakers that react faster than the old-fashioned fuse boxes may be the answer. If your home has only 60-amp or 10-amp service, you’ll be amazed by what stepping up to 200 amps will let you do. One of EarlyBird Electric’s certified electricians can examine your system and make recommendations.

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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

If you’re thinking about moving to an electric vehicle … or if you already have an EV and want more efficient charging … the certified electricians of EarlyBird Electric can install a system in your garage or on your driveway that makes charging fast, easy, and economical. They can explain your options and help you choose the right charger for your needs.

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Hot Tub Wiring Services

Where’s the best place to be on a cold Minnesota night? We’ll choose a hot tub. If you’re thinking about installing a hot tub at your home, reach out to the EarlyBird Electric team. We’ll make sure your new hot tub is wired correctly and won’t put a burden on your home’s power needs. That way, you can relax knowing you’re safe and comfortable. Our team fixes hot tub wiring issues, too.

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