How Smart Technology Is Improving Houses

With today’s busy lifestyles, finding ways to save time and your valuable energy is always appreciated. So many homeowners from Anoka to Stillwater use Smart technology to help them save time around the house with chores and increase the security and safety of their homes. And even better, most of these great features can be added to a home automation platform, making them accessible from anywhere in the world that your Smartphone or other Smart device has access to the Internet. But the one stumbling block for many homeowners is getting the technology set up. The time and frustration are more than they want to invest. Fortunately, the team at EarlyBird Electric is ready to step up and help you get these time-saving devices and technology integrated into your home.

Help With Chores Around The House

Making time to complete the mundane yet vital chores around your home can feel impossible. From vacuuming to running the dishwasher or washing machine, it can be tough to get everything functioning at the right time of your day or night. However, when you have technology like a robot vacuum that automatically does a few laps of the house each day or a washing machine that you can load in the morning and then set to run just before you get home from work, the challenges seem less imposing. You can even preload your coffee machine and have a cup of coffee ready to greet you each morning as you make your way to the kitchen.

So You Don’t Have A Green Thumb?

Having a few plants around the house adds a touch of life and color. However, if you are not gifted at the care of potted plants, they quickly become a chore that you don’t need. But when you convert to Smart self-watering pots, your plants thrive, and you never need to worry about their care. Outside your home, you can apply the same level of care for your lawn, trees, and flowers with a Smart irrigation time to tend all your garden areas with the appropriate amount of water for the climate and weather conditions. But with proper watering, remember that the grass will need extra attention from a lawnmower. Fortunately, robot lawnmowers work much like the vacuum that tends to the mess indoors.

Added Safety And Security

The latest Smart technology for your home includes things like video doorbells to see who is on the stoop and Smart locks and cameras to monitor your home or lock the door from anywhere you have cell phone coverage. Think of the added safety and peace of mind of unlocking the door and watching the delivery person place your package inside when you are away from home. Then lock the door and know that your home and package are safe.

To learn more about taking advantage of the benefits of Smart technology into your home, call 612-236-9052 to speak to the experts at EarlyBird Electric for a free price quote for fully warrantied installation and integration.