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Ground/Arc Fault Circuits

Ground/Arc Fault Circuits Most homeowners in the Bloomington and Rochester communities know that the pros at EarlyBird Electric are here 24/7 to provide fast and affordable professional electrical service. So they do not worry about understanding too many technical terms related to the electrical service in their homes. However, knowing a little about what could become a very hazardous […]

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Summer Outdoor Lighting

When warm weather arrives in Hastings and Stillwater, the last thing residents want to do is head indoors as the sun sets. But sitting in the dark is no way to spend your glorious summer evening. Fortunately, the team from EarlyBird Electric has the solution to enjoying your outdoor living spaces far into the night. The installation of

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Electric Baseboard Heat

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to supplement the heating in your Hastings or Rochester home, the licensed electricians at EarlyBird Electric have several electric baseboard heaters that can do the job. Unlike the stand-alone space heaters you see in many department and big box stores, the baseboard heaters are a welcome solution to your

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Electrical Service Mast Repair

In the Minneapolis/St. Paul region, electrical service is delivered to your home via overhead wires and a service mast that is mounted on your home’s roof. The mast is essentially a sleeve that provides access to get the electrical wires to the electric meter and serves to protect them a bit. In addition, you become

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Electrical Term Glossary

As a homeowner, there are times when you will need some professional assistance with your Anoka home’s electrical system. But it can be very challenging to express your needs and concerns or ask questions when you are not familiar with electrical terminology. But with a few key terms and definitions under your belt, you will be able

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