What are Nest Learning Thermostats?

A Nest Thermostat is a programmable, electronic, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat. This smart thermostat optimizes the heating and cooling of your house to conserve energy and will even go into power-saving mode when it detects you’re not home.

Remember when smart houses were a thing of the future? Well, the future is now. From smart doorbells to smart smoke alarms, you have the ability to deck your house out in smart-gear from top to bottom. Smart thermostats, for example, are more than just cool gadgets. They also help conserve energy—which is extremely beneficial with the always-changing weather and temperatures in Minnesota.

What is a Nest Thermostat?

A Nest Learning Thermostat is a Wi-Fi enabled, programmable thermostat. This smart thermostat uses machine learning, which means it learns from experience without being explicitly programmed. For the first few weeks, users will have to regulate the thermostat to provide reference. After a couple of weeks, however, the thermostat will learn your schedules and preferences. It will know which temperatures to use at any given time of day. Plus, the thermostat uses built-in sensors and phone locations to shift into energy-saving mode when it notices nobody is home.

How do Nest Thermostats work?

Sure, all thermostats allow you to set your desired temperature, monitor the current temperature, and switch between AC and heat. But most thermostats rely on you to set the temperature. There are also thermostats that allow you to set temperatures for specific times of the day to help you save on energy. However, programmable  thermostats can be complex enough that people don’t always program them correctly, which defeats their whole purpose.

The Nest Learning Thermostat solves this problem… because the thermostat programs itself. The Nest Thermostat learns your behavior and desired temperatures for certain days and times. After learning your habits and lifestyle, it builds a schedule for your HVAC. Smart thermostats have the ability to do this through their 3 basic components. The first of the 3 components is what plugs into your boiler and communicates directly to the second component, which is the thermostat. The final feature is the app, which completes the trifecta. Through the app, you can control the main device.

Why should I install a smart thermostat?

From saving money on energy to staying on top of crazy Minnesota weather, a Nest Thermostat can make your life a lot easier. With a smart thermostat you can:

  1. Track energy use. Your smart thermostat will provide you with energy reports on how much power you’re using, how your energy has changed over time, and how much it will likely cost you. You will receive tips on how to adjust temps to save money.
  2. Save money on energy bills. The Nest Thermostat saves 10-12% on heating costs and 15% on cooling costs, on average by utilizing energy saving mode and adapting the temperature perfectly to your life and schedule. This is extremely beneficial for dealing with Mother Nature in Minnesota.
  3. Control from your phone. With the Nest Thermostat, you don’t have to be home to control or check the temp. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, you can make changes to the thermostat with the app on your phone.
  4. Track the weather. Minnesota temps fluctuate greatly in a matter of days, making it difficult to stay comfortable. The Nest Thermostat tracks local weather so it can make changes to the temperature inside, so you can stay comfortable in big temperature swings!
  5. Connect to other smart devices. The Nest Learning Thermostat is compatible with the rest of Nest’s smart products. Nest’s goal is to simplify the smart home so it’s easy to use, understand, and enjoy.

Where can I get a Nest Thermostat?

You can find your Nest Learning Thermostat at retail stores like Target and Best Buy as well as electronic stores and online. Most of the time, it’s easy to install a Google Nest Thermostat. Your thermostat will come with step-by-step instructions and the project will take about 20-30 minutes.

If there are complications with installing your thermostat, you need extra help, or if you have any questions, get in touch with the Early Bird team today! We can help you get your smart thermostat up and running as quickly and as efficiently as possible.