What Uses The Most Electricity In A Home

As the cost of everything from energy to food continues to increase, residents from Anoka and Bloomington to Stillwater are eager to find ways to trim their household budgets. And no one better to rely on for helpful energy-saving tips than the professional electricians at EarlyBird Electric. This team of seasoned experts is happy to help residents across the state find simple ways to reduce their home’s energy consumption and the cost of their monthly bills. But first, it is vital to understand which devices in the typical house consume the most energy.

Your Home’s Biggest Energy Hog

In the average household, heating and cooling equipment is by far the largest consumer of electricity. Power providers estimate that HVAC systems use roughly 45 to 50% of the electricity flowing into most homes. It is also important to note that with the extreme cold in our region, your HVAC system could be climbing above the 50% energy consumption estimate for other areas. Homeowners can make a significant dent in the cost of their energy bills by requesting a tune-up for their heating and cooling units from the pros at Blue Ox Heating & Air. Ensuring the efficiency of these devices could drop your electric bill by as 5% or more and lengthen the life of these expensive yet essential components of your home.

Use Hot Water Wisely

The next most prominent energy consumer in most homes is the water heater. An electric water heater works around the clock to keep your water hot and ready for use at a moment’s notice. So be mindful of the cost of your piping hot showers. Add a manufacturer-approved or recommended water heater blanket in the winter to help keep the water in the holding tank warm and reduce energy consumption. You might also look into a tankless water heater installation to save around 20% of the cost of water heating each year while enjoying an endless supply of hot water.

Eliminate The Energy Vampires!

The next most significant group of energy consumers covers all the small appliances in your home, from the coffee maker to the toaster oven and instapot. Combined, these devices eat up a chunk of electricity. While they are all providing a great service, there is a way to reduce the power they are wasting. And it is super simple. Be sure to unplug all of your home’s small appliances when they are not in use. Any appliance that has a lit face or lighted buttons or dials is sipping away energy that you are paying for, but that provides no genuine service like hot coffee or a home-cooked meal. So pull that plug when you are done with any small appliance and know that you are saving energy and money while creating a safer environment in your home.

To learn more about the small, medium, and large electricity consumers in your home, contact the licensed electricians at EarlyBird Electric at 612-236-9052. Our pros will be happy to help you increase your home’s energy efficiency and trim those ever-growing electric bills.