Why Should You Have A Standby Power Generator?

While the loss of electricity can be a serious inconvenience in many parts of the country, it can have life-threatening implications in the Rochester and Bloomington areas. During the winter months, a house without power can become dangerously cold in just hours. In addition to the potential safety risk for you and your loved ones, there are concerns about water lines freezing and bursting. And the loss of power at other times of the year could result in a flood if your sump pump is not working or the loss of all the food in your refrigerator. So it is vital that you take action to prepare for a loss of power from the grid.

What Does A Backup Generator Do?

A standby backup generator is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to ensure that their home is never without reliable and safe power. The system constantly monitors the power coming into your home from the utility company. When an issue causes the power to fail, the automatic transfer switch will covert to your generator power. You need to do nothing to facilitate the conversion from the grid to your backup power. Even if you are away from home, the system will automatically convert to ensure that your home has electricity. All vital services like HVAC, refrigeration, and sump pumps will continue to function normally.

What Is Peace Of Mind And The Safety Of Your Loved Ones Worth?

If you ask most people, the safety of their loved ones is priceless. And with that in mind, the security, safety, and function of their family home is a close second. It is the place you turn to for peace and comfort, so you want to ensure that it is always ready to accommodate your family. But will your home meet your needs if there is no power? In most cases, the answer is no. However, the solution is simple. Investing in a professionally installed standby power generator is the wise investment to protect all that is genuinely important to you. And the price is much more affordable than people estimate for all of the benefits it delivers, including:

  • Instant Backup Power
  • Refrigeration And Safe Food Storage
  • Climate Control
  • Functional Sump Pump Service
  • Prevention Of Frozen Pipes And Water Damage
  • Power Supply For Days During An Extended Power Outage

The Added Value Of Complete Automation

As a parent, you like to think that you can handle any issue at your home. However, you cannot always be at the house when a crisis strikes. With a standby power generator, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your family will have power, even if you are not at home. The system automatically completes the entire transition from grid power to the backup generator. So there is no need to worry that children could be home alone during a power outage and be unable to activate and transition to generator power.

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