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Electrician in Anoka, MN

The team at EarlyBird Electric is proud to be offering 24/7 electrical service to the community of Anoka, MN. We know that when you are dealing with an electrical issue at your home or commercial property it can be very stressful. You worry about the potential for an electrical fire, personal injuries, and even damage to your expensive electronics and appliances from a power surge. Our goal is to provide the solutions and peace of mind you need in these troubling times. Just call 612-236-9052 and know that help is on the way.

EarlyBird Services Offered To The Anoka, MN Community

Modern electrical systems are very complex. Even the system in your Anoka home is comprised of many components that ensure your supply of safe power; however, when one of those critical items fails, wears out or becomes damaged, you, your loved ones, and your home are placed in harm’s way. Old wires or a bad electrical connection can result in a spark that will ignite an electrical fire in just seconds. That is why we want the entire community to know that flickering lights, humming outlets, and a faint burnt toast odor in your home should be viewed as warning signs to call in the electrical pros at EarlyBird Electric. Some of our most common services include:

  • Generator Repair And Service
  • Electrical Subpanel Service And Installation
  • Lighting Repairs And Installation
  • Main Electrical Panel Service And Installation
  • Outdoor Lighting Repairs And Installation
  • Surge Protection Services
  • Wiring Repairs And Installation
  • Electrical Inspection Service

Why Trust EarlyBird Electric?

We know that you rely on your electrical service day and night. It helps circulate warm air at night as you and your family sleep, and it keeps your food cold and safe to eat. When those immediate needs are met, it can be easy to overlook an outlet that stopped working or a flickering laundry room light. These are cries for help from your home’s electrical system that require immediate professional attention.

At EarlyBird Electric, all of our team members are licensed and certified electricians with years of training and hands-on experience. They understand both the value and risk involved in working with electricity. They have the skill to complete even the most intricate and in-depth electrical repairs in your home in a completely safe manner. When you work with the EarlyBird team, rest assured that you are getting the highest quality workmanship, more affordable rates, and the best customer service in Anoka, MN.

Call us at 612-236-9052 or request an appointment online for all of your electrical needs.

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