What are USB Outlets and Why Should I Install Them?

USB outlets are small and accommodating wall sockets that carry power as well as data. These outlets are universal, making them compatible with smart grids and solar power. USB outlets are sleek and help save space because there’s no need for clunky adapters.

Almost everyone has a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or Bluetooth device of some sort. The growing popularity of these gadgets created the desire for USB charging outlets in homes. Sure, you can charge your device with a two or three-pronged electrical outlet and an adapter, but you won’t get the same benefits as you do with a USB port. From saving time and energy to ditching adapters, installing USB outlets in your home can be beneficial in many ways. So, what exactly are USB outlets and why should you put them in your home?

What are USB outlets?

A USB outlet is a wall socket that has one or two USB ports built-in alongside the two typical outlets. With USB outlets, you get to leave the clunky adapters behind and charge your gadgets with just the charging cord it came with. Doesn’t it always feel good to declutter?

Always use manufacturer-approved cords and cables and have a professional install your USB outlet to get the most out of your charging port. Plug your devices into the wall just like you would with a regular two or three-prong outlet and you’ll experience easy and efficient charging!

Why should I install USB outlets?

Many models of USB outlets, such as the 5 amp USB Duplex Outlet, use less electrical energy than normal outlets by switching off once your device is completely charged. Outlets like this one can shut off connected devices that aren’t in use, as well. This is beneficial for several reasons: it reduces electrical and safety hazards, reduces electrical costs, and eliminates the sight of a lit-up device.

Along with being less wasteful, these ports charge your devices faster than adapters, laptops, and computers. The USB Duplex Outlet does this by sensing the right amount of current to charge with, which saves you time. When charging from a device like a laptop, the typical USB port can supply a maximum of 500 milliamps, but wall outlets can supply far more current. Combining the efficiency of a USB port and the power of a wall outlet, USB outlets save time and energy—it’s a win-win!

Often with generic outlets, you can’t even use your device until the battery is fully charged; with USB ports, you can use your device anytime. Plus, there’s no need for bulky adapters that take up most of the outlet space. Because USB ports and cords are universal, you’ll save space overall because you won’t need to keep a collection of cords and adapters on hand. USB ports allow you to keep it simple with just the necessities. USB ports are standard charging mediums now—it’s time to install the future of electricity in your home!

How do I know what kind of USB outlet to buy?

For more efficient power management and better speed, the USB 3.0 and 3.1 reign supreme over USB 2.0 technology. And if needed, USB 3.0 is compatible with 2.0 devices, so you can charge older devices through the newest USB ports. The 5 amp USB Duplex Outlet is a solid choice and has a total charging capacity of 5.0 amp.

The kind of USB port that’s best for your situation will depend on what kind and how many devices you’ll want to charge. It also depends on if you’re replacing an existing outlet or if you’re starting fresh. Reading this blog post and chatting with a professional electrician about your home’s needs is a great place to start!

How do I get USB outlets in my home?

The easiest way to add a USB port to your home is to replace an existing outlet. But installing a USB port isn’t a simple DIY project. When installed correctly, USB outlets are extremely safe and convenient, but it’s important to hire a professional electrician to place them.

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